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We invest in nurture and commercialize cutting edge technology startups that can add value across the global food chain

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September 23, 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in Aleph Farms and will join its advisory board
DiCaprio invested in Rehovot-based Aleph Farms as part of its $105 million financing round completed in July.
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We harness Israel's renowned innovation capacity in order to address global food challenges. Our goal is to nourish promising FoodTech ventures that can disrupt the global food system- making it more productive, more affordable, more sustainable, and healthier.

We know FoodTech

The Kitchen was founded by the Strauss-Group, an Israeli company that plays a leading role in the global food market. As an industry insider we have a unique understanding of market needs. We have unparalleled access to expertise and know-how that are critical to FoodTech ventures. We open doors - locally and around the world.

Investing in innovation
across the entire food
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